A strong belief at Park Lane is that all children can be achievers.

We expect them to be collaborative and to take responsibility for their behavior. We request that parents support the school in these expectations because these expectations are skills that children must learn to be successful later on in life.


    • Children need to be on time. It is disruptive to all other children and the teacher in the classroom when the child is even one minute late. We ask parents to take a strong position to get their children here on time. Preparing ahead the night before is helpful.

    • The school environment reflects the professional work environment. It is the responsibility of the community to teach our children how to face conflict in a constructive and problem-solving manner. Force is not an acceptable way to solve problems at Park Lane. All family members on campus must uphold this important lesson for our students by modeling this behavior themselves and by not supporting the use of violence in any situation.

    • There is more to learn in this world than can be accomplished at school alone. Knowledge is doubling every other year, but children still only have the same amount of time (and maybe less these days) to grow up. Parents can be supportive by setting aside reading and homework time every evening, and showing support for learning.