About Us


Empowering Brilliant, Diverse Minds through Dynamic Learning.


In partnership with our community, Park Lane will accelerate student achievement through equitable learning experiences which will develop critical thinkers.

At Park Lane, we believe:

Our Instructional Core: 

Literacy – We are committed to fostering the love of reading and writing in all our students, while implementing a rigorous, Common Core State Standard-aligned curriculum. We use Wonders curriculum as our guide, which sets the foundation for implementing the Science of Reading. Our students get personalized reading instruction focused on phonics and targeted interventions. We use a combination of 95% Phonics & Really Great Reading pedagogy to boost students ability to decode fluently. 

Mathematics – We help our students persevere in the demands of applying mathematical skills on a daily basis through the use of Bridges Math curriculum. We use a variety of manipulatives and strategies to help honor the various needs of our students. Our students apply their knowledge throughout the day, as they engage in physical education and music.

Science/Social Studies – We expand our students’ minds by having them engage in the scientific method and units of study throughout the school year. We embrace our students’ questions, while helping them find solutions. We expand their learning outdoors, as they explore nature and the unique weather conditions we experience in Colorado. We help them build international-mindedness as they explore other cultures and perspectives.