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Professional Development

PLT: August 24, 2010 7:30am-9:15am

Enduring Understanding:        We use best practices in a standards-based learning system to identify what students need to know and be able to do and facilitate and assess the learning.

Essential Questions:

  • What is the enduring understanding that students need to come to?  What do they need to communicate around this enduring understanding?
  • How will I plan to facilitate and monitor this learning?
  • How will I intervene if students aren’t demonstrating the learning?

Learning Question:

  • What are the enduring understandings that students need to come to?  How will we post these in the form of a question for students to explore?  How do we facilitate this learning so students are clear on what they are exploring?

Learning Intention:

  • Staff will identify ways to help facilitate learning so students are clear on what they are exploring.


  1. Facilitating Student Learning around the Essential Question
    1. Jenny will share how she planned a 4th grade math lesson to identify the essential question and how she planned to facilitate that learning so students could articulate what they were exploring.
    2. Watch video

                                                               i.      How was the essential question and daily learning question presented?

-It was presented early and often

-It was posted

-These were articulated by both the teacher and students

-Students gave examples

                                                             ii.      How did Jenny try to facilitate learning around these throughout the 3 part lesson?

-Students voiced the learning questions independently and in the whole group

-The activities in the lesson were purposeful in addressing the learning questions

-It was apparent that you need to plan well to help focus on the learning.  If this had not been planned well, the students simply would have played a fun game.

-The learning questions were facilitated by planning and presenting them throughout the 3 part lesson.  They were not isolated activities

-It is important to plan the session around the 3 part lesson plan using these questions and not just planning separate activities

                                                            iii.      What did you see students approximating?

-Students were trying to articulate their learning using the questions

Jenny will share her reflections on the lesson

-I was relentless in trying to get students to focus on the essential question and daily learning question.  Most students could articulate it, but now I would need to look for evidence in their work

-I tried to create opportunities for students to talk about the essential learning question; however, there was a lot of teacher talk so I still need to work on students leading more of the discussion.

-The game Multiple Turn Over was differentiated by the size of the deck; however, I might add supports such as a 100 chart for those that still need help.  This would allow them to access the learning around the essential question.

                                                           iv.      What are some strategies that you will commit to trying? (write in learning log)

  1. Teachers will use the provided template to support their planning around the essential question.  These will need to be turned into Jenny by the end of the PLT.

  1. Jenny will talk about the grade level planning/lesson study that will happen over the next 3 weeks.

Success Criteria (as identified in the SIP)

Student Success Criteria

Adult Success Criteria

  • Know and understand the enduring understandings through articulating the essential question that they are exploring

  • Share the enduring  understandings by articulating the enduring understandings through the form of an essential question and posting it

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